We aim to inspire you with our creative solutions.

Our proven track record on market-entry and market research strategies resonate in the industry, supporting businesses and exceeding expectations. We are focused on our commitment to developing the most trustworthy partnership with a "Will to Win" attitude centered on quality and Teamwork.

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Quality, Team Work, Customer Commitment and a Will to Win

ONIS engages with its clients with a complete understanding of growth and development. We bridge the gaps in functions, activities, and decision making responsibilities, as we build a team.

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    Technology Support

    Stay focused on your core business and let us handle complex IT decisions. We have the best resources to solve and support your technology needs. Our partnership will help drive your business to its full potential.

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    Customer Support

    Gain access to a pool of capable talents with the right expertise. With the right tools and resources, we can handle your frontline support and keep you updated in real time. You would never feel detached from your business so that you can focus on the other advancements that you are developing.

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    Financial Services

    You will be working with industry experts, who are up to date with regulations, technologies and threats relevant to your business. We are here to provide the best practices apart from our wealth of experience. We will maintain a strict standard in maintaining the confidentiality of all your data, whether it be for reference, storage or processing.


We are at the forefront of providing clients with expertise and knowledge in business processing. We speak the language of innovation as we impart unconventional business solutions to support your goals. We are ready to provide you with an outstanding service focused on the following:

  • Result Oriented
  • Exceptional Skilled Talents
  • Innovative Technology
  • Cost-efficient Solutions for our Partners


ONIS strives to be the best value Business Solutions Company committed to deliver and maintain high quality end to end solutions for our clients.

We aim to be the leading provider of outsourced business solutions catering to any size of organizations worldwide, fusing our proven expertise and innovative technology.

Our Story




noun: onis

  1. ONIS Global is a young, dynamic, multi-tiered support service provider with industry expertise in the fields of Staff Augmentation, Business Process Outsourcing and Managed Staffing.

ONIS was initially created by CEO and founder Ryan Kumamoto as a customer service support arm for his existing companies. As his clients grew and expanded its service verticals, it eventually developed into its own entity and identity as a Corporation.

During its creation, the primary stakeholders decided to name the company after a mutually agreed core value which they believed to be critical in making this endeavor successful and ensuring that the company never loses its core belief from which it was built on. The core focus of the business is to ultimately, "Honor" – which the value was chosen. From here, few versions were formed, one of which was its Latin translation "honoris".

This was later condensed to its current form.

In every exchange and interaction, ONIS Global commits to:

  • Open and honest partnerships
  • No compromise on value
  • Insightful analytics
  • Stellar Service

ONIS hone to specialize an extensive variation of disciplines and workaround as we offer our services with targets towards a specific market section. We have a hands-on approach for fully integrated operations support and delivery of services. We strive to help our clients evolve their business and reach Optimal growth. Our Vision as partners is to serve as your extended arm at all times. Ensuring business security is our Purpose.

Redefining the way of doing business. That's “ONIS” - where your BUSINESS is our PASSION.

Our Services

ONIS provides a full range of unparalleled quality market entry services. Our competent talents and workforce are ready to provide you with the best marketplace insights to help you proactively address challenges and welcome opportunities. We create a holistic partnership with our clients to build and create high-impact business development solutions. Our collaboration will drive business growth and maximize resources. We align our goals with vision and mission, combining value-added and high quality solutions that will result in long-term sustainability and a significant return of investment.


Operations / Outsourcing

ONIS provides a variety of commercial models for Managed Services from Hourly Output to Result-driven and fixed price approaches. Our current Contact Centre allows each contract requirement to meet the needs of every Client. We immerse into such requirements as we align with their strategic goals, level of maturity, and history with process improvement and transformation of our Outsourcing services.

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Staff Augmentation

We are the leading innovator in designing models to push tasks off your plate so you can focus more on your core functions and other important matters. We understand your need to outsource - you need more skilled personnel but do not necessarily need their services full time, or you do not have the resources to support it.

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The Philippines continues to be at the forefront and a choice destination for companies looking to leverage on labor arbitrage.

ONIS will help you establish the pillars to build a solid foundation in the country. Our creative and unique market-tested solutions will deliver excellent service that ensures confidence in stakeholder management.

Land the career you deserve!

ONIS helps crossmatch skills and talents to its best potential career. Let us help you land the job that you will love and keep with our extensive job listings updated. We give you a sense of purpose and ability to connect in an employee-friendly environment conducive of growth and development. Our priority is a work-life balance and overall job satisfaction that paves a bright career path.

  • Learn about the most popular jobs, the most exciting industries, and the top companies
  • Explore your options and be guided towards the right career path
  • Compare and analyze the competitive compensation for every career

Client Testimonials

Hear from our partners who have success through our support.

"Ryan's passion for success go well beyond his goals and dreams. I've seen him grow his first company from just 1 employee to where he is now, dominating several industries. He continuously drives successful output, optimization, and ensures that everything he does exceeds his initial plans.

Ryan and the ONIS Team live up to their ongoing commitment to lifelong personal and business relationships."

Jason Kwan
Chairman and CEO
Pearl West Group

"Working with Ryan Kumamoto is a breath of fresh air. The team makes any challenges and day to day activities fun and easy. They address issues accurately and in a timely manner. This company is very cost efficient and scales up with ease, making growth a seamless and painless path."

Jamie Livingston
Chief Operating Officer
Western Mandate Ltd.

"Ryan has been an absolute pleasure to work with here in the Philippines! He and the rest of the very talented team at Onis have always delivered in a timely manner, sticking to some very impressive projections! My team at KMC are excited to be a part of their journey in Manila and truly value our long term partnership."

Thomas Cragg
Vice President for Sales
KMC Solutions, Inc.

"In my many years in customer service, I have learned that happy employees create happy customer experiences and during my visit to ONIS I found they maintain a high quality workplace environment for their employees on beautiful grounds. The ONIS staff were some of the happiest people I’d seen at a place of work, and they have access to the resources they need to grow as employees as well as individuals."

Mathew Speelman
Push Live

"I have been working with Onis since day one mainly because I believe in their CEO Ryan as he has successfully created other business ventures prior. He saw a need for a superior service and transparency, and created Onis, a contact centre which aligned perfectly with my own vision and goals for my clients. Three years later and 8+ figures in revenue gain as the result of Ryan's company, I will highly recommend anyone in need of BPO service to give Ryan and his company a shot; you can thank me later."

Derek Nguyen
Network Manager
Ad Exchange Group, LLC

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